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What’s your side hustle?

It didn’t dawn on me that I was living in times of peril until I looked at my paycheck. It’s easier to be an adult when you can afford to do things without consulting within a budget constraint. With the price of living increasing (at least the high prices I’m paying), it seems like “Adulting” means a lifestyle of going paycheck to paycheck. Unless you are the lucky few that have the means to survive, what are the odds that you grew up to be that Fireman, Astronaut, Fashion Designer…*sigh* Writer or anything we dreamt of as a child? Let’s face the facts, while you’re at work reading this and not filing that report…. nothing says mind your own business then being an entrepreneur and having your own business. This includes having a side hustle.

Side Hustling is a colloquialism used to describe additional income. This surplus of income means having flexibility to pursue other ventures or better yet extra cash flow. For black women, one side hustle includes a chair, hair, and some mouthy clients.

I grew up with my mom being a nurse by day, a mom by night, but on slow afternoons and moreso on weekends, our kitchen morphed itself into beauty equipped with all the essential hair care needs. I recalled many days of women leaving messy homes and crying babies to get their hair done courtesy of our kitchen. After hours of being teased for not growing into my shoes or lectures about my grades, those same women would slide my mom a few dollars before sashaying to the front door with a new hair-do. My mom became an un-certified beautician. I never questioned the health code violations that would shut down the exquisite cafe salon boutique. However, it was my mom’s supplemental income from her 9 to 5 J-O-B that left money in my worn out jeans whenever the ice-cream truck rolled by.

I’ve always thought that working a regular 40 hour week is enough time spend working. After all, the reason to work is to acquire money and I achieved that goal by my bi-weekly pay stub. It was the mere fact that I needed to work on top of work that made me question the point of working. There was no time to relax if I needed to hustle between the hours of awake and sleep, not enjoying the fruits of labor. We are in the age of Entrepreneurship. A job is a job where you pay off debts, but a side hustle is income worthy of spending. Ultimately, no one wants to help anyone make anyone else rich except for themselves.

What’s your side hustle? Can you mind a business? For all the ways to make additional income, find a Coach and get started today! (

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    […] It wasn’t until recently I realized my grandmother was a true definition of a budding entrepreneur. It was her “side hustle”that were able to keep the lights on and find her niche. Ultimately, it was through my grandmother and eventually my mother where I understood the meaning of true grit, drive and determination. It’s to no surprise now why I opted to change my life. While some do it to provide, I do this to show others the unlimited and fathoming depth a side hustle can do for you. Comment below and let me know what entrepreneurial endeavor have you accidentally (or intentionally) developed that has gone even further than you imagined? For a hilarious rendition of side hustling, check out Kaye, the Writer’s interpretation of a entrepreneurship: […]

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