About me

A Relatively True Disclaimer: I’ve tried to quit but like a recovering addict, I have an insatiable addiction for words

My name is Kaye and I have a strange addiction to the written word. Words take me to a spiritual nirvana, like a sedative, a calming effect to my unconscious state. The feeling of writing, or rather the act of putting words into story form, is like an intense rush of euphoria that causes happiness and the ability to cope with various phases through life.

I remember the first time I began the addiction. Like most addicts, my problem began in my childhood. My mother couldn’t get me to stop wasting paper. I would write down on paper towels, napkins, my arms if there was enough room.Words are more form of heroin. I smoke it with metaphors and similes as I meet up with antagonist and protagonist for a climax and plot twists. This is my strange addiction…and they tried to get me to go to rehab…mainly so I can stop writing about them and see a therapist.

On my clean and sober days, I spend my time in the information technology field: fixing computers and climbing up the corporate ladder. On other days of the week, the urge to start using becomes too strong. The days I need my fix I use kayethewriter.com as my supply. This is the best way to get the world to get hooked on my stuff just as bad as me. Some of my writing is long but most are hilariously true. Others will have you thinking I’m extremely pretentious. Either way, this is the best way to expose my friends and family (names omitted to protect the guilty) while allowing me to save money on a trained specialist.

I hope you enjoy!