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The Backup Wife Series

The Backup Wife (Part Three)
Strong, Independent Women need love too! I can’t stand hearing that I’m a strong, independent, black woman, and that I
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The Backup Wife (Part Two)
In case you missed it…here’s Part One. Home is Where the Heart is Sunday dinners at my house are kind
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The Backup Wife (Part One)
Who needs love when you can be Mrs. Second best! My ex-boyfriend wants to get married but only if he
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Other People’s Kids

Don’t Have Sex & Other Things I Tell Kids
Relationships are for Adults. Don’t have sex; it will ruin your life. The left side of her face was steaming.
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You’re Too Damn Young & Other Things I Tell Kids
Get the shotgun ready…what to do when you’re pre-teen daughter wants a boyfriend She curled her lip and closed her
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You Don’t Have To Like Your Kids
A New-Age Story about a Former Wife and Her Spawn I think it was a Sunday morning, no, I got
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Everyone has Cancer and All the Other Things I Tell Kids
The thing about growing up being the oldest in your family is that you expected to know just about everything.
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